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e-chainsystems® or cable troughs are essentially the umbilical cords of modern machines. They take care of the supply of energy, data and signals and are for this reason continuously in motion.
Chainflex® control cables are cables for smallest bending radii. A combination of these different qualities are possible as shielded and unshielded cable.
e-chainsystems® are the umbilical cord of modern machinery. They take care of the supply of energy, data, and signals, and are for this reason continuously in motion.
Most applications can make use of our standard product range of C-profiles in the mounting bracket and space-saving "chainfix" clamps, or can arrange for a simple strain relief by using strain relief...
igus® special-purpose cables are oil-resistant, UV resistant, and flame retardant. The exterior jacket is TPE-based.
"Rod end supports and shaft blocks from igus®: rigid and moving rod end supports, shaft blocks in various designs and in various materials. "
xiros® polymer ball bearings are single-row grooved ball bearings based on DIN 625. Lubricant and maintenance-free ball bearings consist of four components: the outer ring, the inner ring, the cage, a...
iglidur® plain bearing bushings are maintenance-free, RoHS compatible, lubricant-free, wear-resistant, and electrically conducting.
General properties of iglidur® bearing bushings include: maintenance-free, lubricant-free, corrosion-resistant, highly resistant to dirt, high dimensional accuracy, etc.
igubal® spherical bearings can be used whenever self-aligning bearings offer design-engineering advantages or assist in simplifying assembly.
chainflex® fibre-optic cables are gradient fibre-optic cables for heavy-duty uses, with PUR outer jacket, resistant to oil and UV.


Safe movement in energy chains with a bending factor of 6.8xd, even in temperatures of -35°C
Robots are taking over in automation tasks more and more. Last year, sales of industrial robots exce...
Ready to install, maintenance-free and lubricant-free linear guides are becoming more popular in mac...
Lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastic iglidur A181 establishes a remarkable...
igus sets new standards with fibre optic and CAT7 Ethernet cables


Service life up, cost down!
Predictable service life, eliminating lubrication, reducing maintenance and downtime, individual components and complex assemblies built and shipped from stock – that is the idea of what our products and services can d...
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The story of igus® begins on 15th October 1964 with Günter Blase in a double garage in Cologne-Mülheim. For the first twenty years, we worked as a supplier of complex technical polymer components. In 1983 Frank Blase starts our own product lines Energy Chain Systems® and polymer bearings as well as a network of sales engineers. Between 1985 and 2014, we grew from 40 to more than 2400 igus® employees, distributed the world over. We will continue to invest in expansion for the coming years. The opportunities are there thanks to modern materials!