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Applications with high cycle rates, speeds, and accelerations, including demanding environmental conditions, call for tested and permanently reliable systems - exactly what chainflex® cables have to o...
Lead screws with dry-running properties, without lubrication, resistant to dirt, maintenance-free, superior operating properties, corrosion-free, low-noise, used up to 90 °C max.
drylin® linear systems are designed for dry-running operation. Your applications are therefore protected against contamination by grease or oil.
Regardless of whether you are planning a circular motion, a vertical stroke, or a very long axis: we have the matching energy supply system solution starting at a lot size of 1, including guaranteed f...
chainflex® BUS cables feature various certifications and conformities, and can be used at high speeds and accelerations. There are PVC bus cables, PUR bus cables and TPE bus cables to choose from.
The cost-effective, UL approved, shielded, oil-resistant PVC servo cable family for all commonly available drive manufacturers. Developed and tested specifically for use in unsupported e-chains®.
Harnessed drive cables: as per various standards, various cable types, smallest bending radii starting at 7.5xd, PVC-based exterior jackets
chainflex® control cables for energy chains® cables for smallest bending radii. Cables are tested in e-chains® with many million cycles. There are PVC control cables, PUR control cables and TPE contro...
Single-piece igubal® spring-loaded pin. Simple assembly, simple disassembly, can be combined with clevis joints of installation size E, high strength.
The flanged bearing design allows iglidur® high-performance plain bearings to be used when housing bores are not possible at accurate tolerances.
drylin® solid plastic bearings compel with their very low clearance and low cost. Dimensions correspond to the standard for recirculating ball bearings.
More sensitive applications with high cycle rates, speeds, and accelerations, including more demanding environmental conditions, call for reliable systems tested with respect to cables.


Safe movement in energy chains with a bending factor of 6.8xd, even in temperatures of -35°C
Robots are taking over in automation tasks more and more. Last year, sales of industrial robots exce...
Ready to install, maintenance-free and lubricant-free linear guides are becoming more popular in mac...
Lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastic iglidur A181 establishes a remarkable...
igus sets new standards with fibre optic and CAT7 Ethernet cables


Service life up, cost down!
Predictable service life, eliminating lubrication, reducing maintenance and downtime, individual components and complex assemblies built and shipped from stock – that is the idea of what our products and services can d...
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The story of igus® begins on 15th October 1964 with Günter Blase in a double garage in Cologne-Mülheim. For the first twenty years, we worked as a supplier of complex technical polymer components. In 1983 Frank Blase starts our own product lines Energy Chain Systems® and polymer bearings as well as a network of sales engineers. Between 1985 and 2014, we grew from 40 to more than 2400 igus® employees, distributed the world over. We will continue to invest in expansion for the coming years. The opportunities are there thanks to modern materials!