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  • DIN EN ISO 9001


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SCHNEEBERGER ® Lineartechnik is now one of the leading names when it comes to groundbreaking innovations in the field of linear technology.

SCHNEEBERGER ® serves original equipment manufacturers operating in various industries worldwide – from machine tool, solar technology and semiconductor technology to electrical engineering and medical engineering and others. Linear bearings, profiled linear guideways, measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning systems and mineral casting are all part of SCHNEEBERGER’s product and manufacturing range.
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Linear Encoders (AMSA 3 L)

Integrated measuring system for distance measurement type AMSA 3L long. AMSA 3L "The product for all lengths" is now made possible by highly accurate machining and measurement of the rails. A special...

Linear Encoders (MONORAIL AMSD 3B)

Integrated measuring system for distance measurement type AMSD 3B., MONORAIL AMSD 3B is an integrated magneto-resistive measuring system for distance measurement based on the MONORAIL MR profile guide...

Racks and Pinions

Gear racks are an economic drive element, especially with long strokes of more than 2m. Gear racks are preferred also with dirty environments and/or big axial forces. The stiffness is the same over t...

Micro frictionless tables (MINISLIDE)

MINISLIDE is the latest generation of miniature slides for high-tech applications. Preloaded with zero play, a MINISLIDE is exceptionally smooth running. High rigidity and a low push force of less tha...

Frictionless tables (NK)

- Single axis model in steel or cast-iron depending on the size
- With roller cages
- 5 sizes
- Lengths from 25 to 510 mm
- Strokes from 10 to 450 mm
- Supports a variety of a...

Linear Guides (RN)

The RN linear bearing represents a consistent optimization of the R linear bearing. Thanks to the enlarged contact surface of the roller with the guideway, the performance capacitiy is significantly i...

Linear Guides (RNG)

The RNG linear bearing is a modern, high-performance design and was created through the consistent optimization of the R type bearing. Highly loadable guidance systems with the smallest dimensions can...

Linear Guides (R 9200)

With the type R, SCHNEEBERGER introduced the first standardized linear bearing in the world. Today it is recognized as an industrial standard. The bearing can be used with rollers or balls and is suit...

Linear Guides (RD)

The RD linear bearing complements the R type by providing space-saving solutions. In addition, the use of R and RD linear bearings provides a substantially more economical guidance concept in the user...

Positioning Systems

Our engineers have a broad technical knowledge of many different branches of industry and can therefore quickly adapt to problems posed by our customers, including in new fields of business.
- Se...

Positioning Systems

The Nano Positioning System has been specifically designed to allow the exact positioning in the nanometer range. A nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter. Nano Positioning System are using in such...

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