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Products and Services by HAROMAC Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (46)

Workshop Trolley WW04R, black, 4 rawers, central lock, , Workbench trolley RWB1, wood board 30mm, 4 drawers
Glass-Sandingpaper K40, 280x230 mm, Grinding paper, corundum, K320, white, 280 x 230mm, Sandingpaper K320 waterproof, 280x230mm
  • Workbench WB5, 1200x850x600mm, 5 drawers, 1 door, 40mm worktop
  • Workbench MT6, 1700x850x600mm, 6 drawers,1 door,40mm worktop
  • Workbench WB9, 1700x850x600mm, 9 drawers,40mm...
  • Wall cabinet WS1, 2 doors
  • Wall cabinet WS3, 1600x640x270mm, 2 doors
  • Cupboard HS20, 195x95x43cm, 2 doors, 4 shelves
Plastic Float 280x140x20mm, sponge, red, Plastic Float India Rubber, 280x140x10mm, Alu float 28x14, felt, 10mm
Plastic Float, 280x140mm, polyurethan plastering float, smal type,
Tile cutting + breaking plier, heavy duty, German Type Tile nipper 200mm, with spring, CrV-edge
  • Clamp,, 150 x 50mm, DIN 5117
  • Clamp,, 300 x 120mm, DIN 5117
  • Clamp,, 200 x 80mm, DIN 5117
Drill Crown 68mm, for concrete and bricks, Hole saw set, 6 pcs., 33,53,63,73mm, Hole saw set, 10 pcs.,33,43,53,63,67,73+83mm
Professional caulking gun, 310 ml, Caulking Gun, Alu Tube, 310 ml, Caulking gun, 9", with teethed, bar, metal grey lacquered
Handle for buckets 1300mm, Ø 41mm, Handle for tools 1500mm, Ø28mm, Handles for pick axes, (beech tree)
Mason's trowel, German-type,, swan`s neck, 160 mm, Mason's Trowel 180mm, steel, 2K-ergo-softgrip, Mason's trowel, German-type,, straight neck, 200 mm


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About HAROMAC Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

The tradition of our company HAROMAC Werkzeugfabrik started 130 years ago and we are producing trowels and plastering trowels since it`s establishment. Additional to that we manufacture circular tile cutters loaded with grains of tungsten carbide, as well as we started to develop and produce tile cutting machines. The existing manufacturing is rounded off by an selected range of prevalent / general construction tools.

HAROMAC is known since years as a concept of quality for mason`s- and tiler`s tools. We have compiled a particular professional responsibility with several patents and special producing processes. The continuous further development of our products enables us to react quickly to the particulary market.