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4 Task Lights

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Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
For thirty five years we have been manufacturing protective systems for the world’s machinery building sectors. Our first products were bellows and coil springs that...
Products: Task Lights, Security Windows, Guideway wipers, Apron Covers, Roll-Up Covers, Bellows, Clamping Devices, LED Downlights, Spiral Springs
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide Europe
We are the ‘sensor’ for your success
Personal service is a standard part of what we provide

Your success is something we take...
Products: Task Lights, Magnetic Sensors, DC-DC Power Supplies, Transmitters, Machine Lights, Standstill Monitors, Frame Light Barrier, Safety Light Barriers
Manufacturer   Norway   Worldwide
Products: Task Lights
Manufacturer   Austria   Worldwide
Products: Task Lights, Office lighting fixtures, Illumination installations, Lamps & Lighting, Infrared Sensors, Strip Lights, Underwater Lights
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