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Belec offers a wide range of adapters for nearly every sample shape and size. Without a special sample preparation, various pieces such as pipes, wires from 0.5 mm, metal splinters, screws and even small balls can be analysed. Inform yourself about our special adapters for wires, tubes and small parts. Furthermore, our application engineers are happy to provide solutions for your specific tasks.

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About Belec Spektrometrie Opto-Elektronik GmbH

The Belec Spektrometrie Opto-Elektronik GmbH is a medium-sized company with its place of business in Georgsmarienhütte near Osnabrück, where more than 40 years ago, an idea was born. Today, Belec develops, produces and distributes mobile and stationary optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis worldwide. Founded in 1986, Belec operates at home and abroad for more than 25 years now. Our products are used in various fields like the steel industry, foundries and recycling companies or the automotive industry. BELEC Spektrometrie Opto-Elektronik GmbH in Germany is the pioneer of mobile precision metal analysis. BELEC introduced the world's very first mobile emission spectrometer in 1972 and has been leading the field ever since. Today, BELEC is the only company remaining that produces high-end mobile emission spectrometers, using only the best high performance photomultipliers and thus achieving laboratory precision and accuracy in portable metal analysis incl. C-P-S.