Garage Door Openers (Type GA103)

Berner Torantriebe KG

Garage Door Openers (Type GA103) by Berner Torantriebe KG

The competitively priced, trendy GA101 is the starter model of the Berner opener range. It is particularly reliable, robust and durable, suited to door sizes up to 7 m², and has a maximum traction/pulling force of 500 N.

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The new allrounder GA203 has numerous convenient functions that make it a truly unique proposition for specialty dealers. It is intended for the private sector. This premium-quality opener is the firs...
With a maximum traction/pulling force of 1000 N, the GA403 is the powerhouse of the Berner garage door opener range. It is suited to door sizes up to 15 m² and opens very large and heavy doors easily...
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About Berner Torantriebe KG

We are a medium-sized German company and have now been manufacturing by these principles for 50 years. We constantly develop top-class drive concepts and high quality products. As a market-oriented manufacturer, we know our customers personally, and are always able to react to their wishes both quickly and immediately. Together with our partners in the specialist retail sector, we are strong and plan sales strategies, advertising and trade fairs hand in hand.