Water Recirculation Pump (Type optimo F)

Schmalenberger GmbH + Co. KG

Water Recirculation Pump (Type optimo F) by Schmalenberger GmbH + Co. KG

Optimo-F represents the future in modern pool construction. It is the consistent answer to the challenges faced by planners, architects and swimming pool operators. A multitude of new features have been introduced and are harmonised perfectly with each other. From the simple 360° installation feature to a matchless 84% efficiency level and including energy efficient motors, every expectation is catered for. Distinguished by efficiency, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance requirements and minimal life cycle costs – an absolute must for professional operations.
Im Schelmen 9-11
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ISO 9001:2008
Dipl. Kfm. Dietmar Rogg

About Schmalenberger GmbH + Co. KG

Schmalenberger has been performing advanced pump technology development since 1954 and building on its successful products from standard pumps to electronically monitored pumping systems. Today this family-owned company has become established as one of the leading suppliers of centrifugal pumps for the entire process of cutting fluid supply and disposal in the machining industry. Schmalenberger supplies innovative pump equipment for use in a wide range of mechanical engineering as well as for process and environmental engineering applications. In the swimming pool industry, Schmalenberger has been a pioneer in the development, production and provision of advice to architects, planners and operators of leisure pools, hotel pools and in the swimming pool trade since 1970. With a keen eye on its role as a partner for the transfer of expertise and technology, Schmalenberger provides companies with excellent ideas for the improvement of products and costs in development and production – with standardised product series and as a supplier of bespoke solutions, but also with a steady stream of new developments which significantly improve performance, economy and energy efficiency. With an eye on the total cost of ownership factor, Schmalenberger fluid technology is already working to standards which legislators and the market are struggling to keep up with.