Heat insulating material (Rolaflex®)


Heat insulating material (Rolaflex®) by BOSIG GmbH

Around 70 percent of domestic household energy consumption is for heating of the interior. In many buildings, this energy escapes again, due to leakage (thermal bridges) through the building envelope. In Germany, two-thirds of old buildings were built before 1978 when there was not even an Ordinance on Thermal Insulation yet. Old roller shutter boxes without insulation are a weak point in the building envelope.

They cause high energy loss, but this can be reduced by up to 56 percent using our special ROLAFLEX insulation system – lastingly and with hardly any construction effort. ROLAFLEX fills the existing hollows inside the roller shutter box, significantly improving thermal and acoustic insulation. Thermal bridges in old buildings are detrimental to the building and its occupants.
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Poor hygienic living conditions
  • Hazardous to the building structure
  • Increased noise level
Make use of the opportunity to upgrade your home.
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About BOSIG GmbH

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