ARNO-Werkzeuge Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH

ARNO-Werkzeuge Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

ARNO-Werkzeuge Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

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Precision Tools (SHARK-Cut) by ARNO-Werkzeuge Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH

Multi purpose tool for drilling into solid with flat bottom as well as internal turning, internal facing and external turning
Designed as multi purpose system for high-performance drilling and turning.

Complete the following applications with just one tool:

Drilling into solid with flat bottom

  • Internal Facing
  • Internal Turning
  • External Turning


  • SHARK-Cut Mini drilling depth 2,25 and 4 x D / ø 4mm to 8mm
  • SHARK-Cut Standard drilling depth 1,5 , 2,25 and 3,0 x D / ø 8mm to 32mm
  • All holders equipped with coolant through
  • Inserts available in various grades and coatings
  • Ground and precision sintered inserts available
  • WIPER geometry (LPET) for better surface finish and reduced machine time


Carbide coated

  • AM5035(AL350)
    PVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + TIALN
    Carbide coated grade for machining stainless steel. Can also be used for steel materials with low to medium hardness as well as for high temperature alloys. Optimum cutting edge stability. Excellent results at low to medium cutting speeds.
  • AK2015
    CVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + TICN + TICN + TICNB + AL2O3
    Main application area for this grade is the machining of all cast materials. Also suitable for machining steel. The new substrate provides the necessary toughness and heat resistance.
  • AL10
    PVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + ALTIN
    Extremely wear-resistant grade for machining steel materials, cast iron and non-ferrous products due to high hardness in coating. Especially suitable for high cutting speeds.
  • AM35C
    CVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + TIC + TICN + TIN
    Carbide grade with high toughness for machining steel materials at medium cutting speeds.
  • AR26C
    CVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + TIN + TICN + AL2O3
    Carbide grade with high wear resistance for machining cast iron and steel materials.

Carbide uncoated

  • AK10
    Grade for machining aluminum, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals and plastics. Can also be used for machining cast iron and high temperature alloys.  Insert is peripheryground and the chipbreaker is polished.
  • AP40
    Special carbide grade for steel materials at slow cutting speeds and unstable machining conditions.

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