Diesel-hydraulic Orange Peel Grabs (DHS-B)

Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik

Diesel-hydraulic Orange Peel Grabs (DHS-B) by Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik

Diesel hydraulic grab, fully radio controlled
Fully radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grabs are constructed and produced by ORTS GmbH since more than 20 years! A radio controlled diesel hydraulic grab is a crane attachment that is operated independently of power cables or hydraulic lines; it is completely self-sufficient and is operated via a radio control device by the crane driver or another person at the loading room. Thus, a radio controlled grab can be used on any crane, since an external power supply is not necessary. A diesel engine inside the grab provides the power to drive the hydraulic pump. The crane operator has to send command to move the buckets via a radio control. The way of control the movements of the buckets / clamshells is identical with an electro-hydraulic grab. They are fast, reliable and the better alternative solution comparing to mechanical single rope grabs!

More Products in the Area of Diesel-hydraulic Orange Peel Grabs

  • diesel-hydraulic grab
  • for bulk terminals, shipping companies, industries
  • 0,4 m3 – 20 m3
  • rocks, gravel, coarse aggregates, scrap
  • max density 2,6...
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About Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik

Our grabs are the best link between ship and shore

The company was founded by Eng. Sigvard F. Orts in 1972 as an engineering and consulting company, specialised in constructions of grabs (main business) and nearly all kind of bulk handling equipment.

In the beginning there was only construction and sales. The manufacturing took place at well known companies in Northern Germany.

In 1985 an own workshop was founded and since that time it is the ORTS GmbH Maschinenfabrik.

The company is still family-owned.

The range of products:

  • electro-hydraulic grabs
  • fully radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grabs
  • mechanical rope grabs (single rope, 2-rope, 3-rope, 4-rope system)
  • wood-grabs (for wood-bundles or wood-logs)
  • dredger grabs
  • salvage grabs


  • crane equipment for operating electro-hydraulic grabs
  • cargo-turners
  • heavy-lift beams (max. load 100t)
  • flat- traverse-frames

Main customers are shipping companies, where the grabs has to stand the rough conditions on sea-going vessels, charging and discharging the vessel in every corner of the world. But also harbour and port authorities, stevedoring companies and other companies which have to move or to handle “something”.

ORTS has evolved over the years as a global well known grab-maker and is your reliable partner for loading and unloading.