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Desiccant cartridges by TROPACK Packmittel GmbH

Both desiccant cartridges and capsules are filled with active drying agent during the production process. In order for the drying agents to maintain their performance level during transport and storage, the product is delivered in hermetically sealed protective packaging. The standard form of packaging is a 0.2 mm polyethylene pouch further containing a humidity indicator. Another option is the use of water vapour resistant laminated aluminium foils in line with TL 8135-0003. The bags are non-transparent and the humidity indicators on the inside may only be inspected with the bag open. There is an option to select from transparent laminated foil bags possessing a very high water vapour resistance in compliance with MIL-B22191, type I.
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About TROPACK Packmittel GmbH

Desiccants and packaging materials from TROPACK

There are many reasons to connect the protection of your dispatch goods with our experience: A broad delivery program at desiccators, our consulting authority, continuity in our production development and meaningful innovations.!

TROPACK highly active drying agents bring added value
  • Simple packing
  • Less damage and fewer complaints
  • Lowering of the insurance premiums
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of the desiccator
Desiccants and packaging materials from specialists
  • Wide program for desiccators and packaging means
  • Innovative solutions such as TropaSorb (TM) and Shockwatch (TM)
  • Consulting competence within all areas of the desiccators
  • Sustainability in production and development