Desiccant Bags (Rubingel)

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Desiccant Bags (Rubingel) by TROPACK Packmittel GmbH

Rubingel desiccant bags with highly activated indicating silica-gel

Rubingel desiccant bags are filled with a highly effective color-indicating silica gel, which serves as a reliable way of assessing anti-moisture functions. The special indicator contained in the Rubingel enables highly accurate visual checks of the desiccant’s saturation level, thereby more effectively protecting pharmaceuticals, diagnostic products, and all kinds of machinery and goods against moisture damage.

Accurate desiccant saturation check means maximum efficiency in protecting against moisture

The ruby colour indicates that the desiccant is active. As the moisture loading increases, the gel turns from ruby to yellow.

Rubingel desiccant bags

Rubingel desiccant bags are filled with a highly activated desiccant known as Rubingel – a highly adsorbent color-indicating silica-gel. The desiccant bags’ adsorption capacity can reach up to 30% of their own weight at 25°C and 80% relative humidity. These bags are designed to be used in contact with food and pharmaceutical products; they are chemically neutral and do not corrode metal or any other materials.


  • Visual checks of the desiccant’s saturation level
  • An efficient, all-purpose product
  • Reliable moisture protection for all types of packaging

DIN 55473-certified Rubingel desiccant bags provide reliable protection against moisture and corrosion. Our desiccant bags are environmentally friendly, and can be easily disposed of as household waste.

Rubingel bag material

All Rubingel desiccant bags are “dust-proof” in accordance with DIN 55473, making them ideal for protecting highly sensitive products.

40% indicator

The Rubingel desiccant bags can also include a 40% indicator, which allows you to check the relative humidity of the surroundings.

This humidity indicator combines with the desiccant saturation check to act as an extra safeguard.

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As a leading desiccant manufacturer, we offer a wide range of desiccant bags with highly active desiccants, as well as genuine product innovations, for industry and trade. We use the new Activ-Polymer™ technology to unlock innovative and economicapplications, particularly for the pharmaceuticals industry.

TROPACK highly active drying agents bring added value
  •  No transportation damage or storage damage caused by moisture or microorganisms
  • Greater reliability and cost-effectiveness thanks to calculable packaging solutions
  • Complaints minimised
  • Reduction in insurance premiums → no risk exclusions
  • Longer lasting components and machinery during operation
  • Environmentally friendly desiccant disposal


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With Tropack as your desiccant manufacturer, you can count on interdisciplinary expertise in desiccants for packaging, systems and transportation. Drawing on our consultancy skills as a long-time industry partner, we’ll find the right solution to suit your needs. German-based production guarantees high, reliable and – of course – certified quality, while our extensive range of desiccant products and large warehousing facilities ensure good availability.