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Stirrers & Agitators by FLUX-GERÄTE GmbH

Can be custom configured for any mixing operation

Anyone who wants to disperse, emulsify, homogenise, chill, dissolve, mix, neutralise, stir, circulate or exchange heat efficiently is faced with a demanding task ‒ from a technical and physical point of view. The mixing effect that flows develop depends on the shape of the container, the material and of course the type of mixer.

Due to the flexible modular system FLUX is able to offer a wide range of options. This makes it possible to configure the mixer components of motor, shaft and mixing blade optimally for the application's requirements. If low speed is required slow running versions can be configured which are provided with intermediate gear and special mixing blades. The FLUX mixers are available in various materials and with different mixing blades.

Technical data:

  • Viscosity: max. 10.000 mPas*
  • Circulating performance : max. 3.600 m3/h*
  • Container sizes: 30 l to 30.000 l*

* dependent on model, medium and motor

Slow runner
For high circulating performance

FLUX mixers for dispersing, emulsifying, homogenising, chilling, dissolving, mixing, neutralising, stirring, circulating or exchanging heat efficiently can be used for container sizes from 30 to 30000 litres.

The FLUX mixer program was consistently developed as a modular system. The drive motors are in correspondence with the IEC standard. The mixer shafts in lengths of 150 to 1800 mm are offered in stainless steel 316 L or with a coating in PVDF or PE and can thus be used for various types of liquids.


  • Circulating performance: up to 3.600 m3/h
  • Low speed: approx. 70 rpm
  • For fluids of up to a viscosity of 10 000 mPas
  • With gear
  • Versions available with sliding or folding agitators
  • Can be used in tanks
  • For liquids with max. 10 % solids
  • For run-through systems with 10 – 40 fold flow per hour
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In 1950, the world's first electric barrel pump was named FLUX. In the meantime the undisputed pioneer in the area of barrel pump technology possesses outstanding knowhow and experience in many other areas of pump technology. The wide product range now extends from the most different types of pumps with motors, flow meters and accessories through special system solutions such as the drum emptying systems to custom-designed systems for plant engineering. The internationally operating family company with its 7 subsidiaries and numerous representatives supplies its products to more than 100 countries worldwide.