Two-Ram-Lift (TwinRam)

J. A. Becker & Söhne Neckarsulm GmbH & Co. KG

Two-Ram-Lift (TwinRam) by J. A. Becker & Söhne Neckarsulm GmbH & Co. KG

The TwinRam with its perfect concept has now been taken into the next generation of the family of JAB lifts. The technical preciseness we invested into the new TwinRam resulted in a very user friendly lift. Easy operated lifting of vehicles, reduced set-up time and best accessibility are the advantages of this lift which is suitable for all applications in the workshop (repair, reception, etc.)

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About J. A. Becker & Söhne Neckarsulm GmbH & Co. KG

Since more than 110 years, J.A. Becker & Sons is an established partner of industry and manufacturers. Together with its 160 staff members, the company supplies its customers with the most modern solutions in the range of compressed air and elevating techniques. Our product range includes piston compressors from 8 to 350 bar for the compression of air and other gases, screw compressors, breathing air compressors as well as the whole range of compressed air treatment. Main emphasis in the production of lifting units is put on hydraulic lifts for repair and service works on passenger and utility cars and rail-driven vehicles. Furthermore we offer individual solutions for specific problems.