• DIN EN ISO 9001


  • DIN EN ISO 9001

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Breathing Air Compressors by BAUER COMP Holding GmbH

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Breathing air is the most important tool in the kit

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN filling units optimise reliability and safety for the dependable supply of clean breathing air or compressed air in all areas of application, ensuring consistent compliance with international air quality standards such as DIN EN 12021 (breathing air standard).

As the most important tool in the kit, our high-quality units provide protection for our customers' lives, health and property in each and every situation. Our employees are passionate about providing people all over the world with the feeling of being 100% safe – this is what motivates our performance and success.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN offers state-of-the-art complete solutions for the field of sports & safety tailor-made to meet the needs of your application range. From compression to treatment and beyond to the distribution of air, breathing air and nitrox.

We certify clean breathing air – the BAUER PureAir certification programme is designed specifically to assist divers in selecting a tested filling station which will deliver clean air.

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Breathing Air Compressors (MINI-VERTICUS III)

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