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Gas Compressors by Bauer Kompressoren GmbH

Air-cooled high-pressure compressors in the G-series (helium & argon) in the pressure range 90 – 350 bar – with innovative high-pressure system technology by BAUER

Innovative high-pressure system technology by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN for the recovery and decanting of noble gases and gas mixtures. Tailor-made for the compression of helium & argon, our units are equipped with the B-CONTROL fully automatic compressor control as standard. The compressors are intelligently controlled based on the final pressure of the storage system, the level of the gas balloon or the intake pressure.

Vapour recovery by the automatic condensate drain and integrated safety valves in the intake buffer and condensate vessels creates an enclosed circuit with virtually zero loss of gas. For particularly cost-effective operation, the G-series has also purposefully been optimised for gas-tightness: All noble gas compressors are tested under real conditions with helium or argon and delivered ready for operation.

You can choose from a wide selection of free air delivery rates and drive power ratings, effectively supplemented by state-of-the-art gas-tight BAUER high-pressure treatment systems and high-performance BAUER gas metering technology.

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Water-cooled high-pressure compressors in the G-series (helium & argon) in the pressure range 90 – 230 bar – for continuous operation in industrial applications
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