Terbium (7440-27-9)

Auer-Remy GmbH

Terbium (7440-27-9) by Auer-Remy GmbH

Terbium Acetate
Chemical formula: Tb(CH3COO)3.xH2O
CAS No. 16922-07-9
Quality: 99,0-99,999% (TREO>40,0%)

Terbium Carbonate
Chemical formula: Tb2(CO3)3.xH2O
CAS No. 100587-96-0
Quality: 99,0-99,999% (TREO>45,0%)

Terbium Chloride
Chemical formula: TbCl3.6H2O
CAS No. 13798-24-8
Quality: 99,0-99,999% (TREO>45,0%)

Terbium Hydroxide
Chemical formula: Tb(OH)3.xH2O
CAS No. 12054-65-8
Quality: 99,0-99,999% (TREO>60,0%)

Terbium Nitrate
Chemical formula: Tb(NO3)3.xH2O
CAS No. 57584-27-7
Quality: 99,0-99,999% (TREO>40,0%)

Terbium Oxide
Chemical formula: Tb4O7
CAS No. 12037-01-3
Quality: 99,0-99,999% (TREO 99,0-99,5%)

Terbium Sulphate
Chemical formula: Tb2(SO4)3.xH2O
CAS No. 13842-67-6
Quality: 99,0-99,999% (TREO>40,0%)

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Jürgen Mannshardt

About Auer-Remy GmbH

Auer-Remy GmbH was founded in 1950 as a sales company for speciality chemicals by the companies Degussa AG, Th. Goldschmidt AG and Remy & Co. KG. We are specialized in the marketing of rare earths and their compounds, zirconium products and other specialities. We pool a uniquely broad range of raw materials for many different applications and markets. The diversity of the possible applications for our products reflects the width of our supply program. We develop high-quality, reliable and long-term solutions for every raw material requirement. With our supply partners, mostly manufacturers of specialty raw materials, we develop an effective, transparent and cost optimized access to the markets of relevance to you.

Since 2008, we have been part of the LEHVOSS group of companies. Our parent company, Lehmann&Voss&Co. KG, was founded in 1894 in Hamburg and develops, produces and markets chemical and mineral specialties for numerous industrial clients.