Data Acquisition Systems (Expert Key L)

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Data Acquisition Systems (Expert Key L) by Delphin Technology AG

The Expert Key 100L and 200L have a tabletop design. Apop-up lid gives a clear overview of connections. Sensors and actuators are connected via plugs located on the sides. Because of the L model's universal capabilities, it is particularly suited to laboratory, experiment, test and service applications. Brackets for wall-mounting are included in the delivery as well as a power supply adapter.

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The Expert Key 100P and 200P have a console-type design. These models are intended for use in testing and laboratory environments. Signals are connected via 4 mm safety lab plugs. Measurement data fro...
The Expert Key 100C and 200C are identical to the L models apart from the housings. The housing design enables the devices to be used in cabinets or 19” rack systems. Expert Key can also be supplied w...
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About Delphin Technology AG

Delphin Technology AG was founded in 1980 by the engineer Peter Renner. Since then the company has been involved in the development, production and marketing of innovative, high quality hardware and software for industrial measurement and testing technology. Areas of application include data acquisition and analysis, quality assurance, test stand automation, vibration measurement, remote monitoring and mobile measurement data acquisition as well as laboratory data acquisition and automation. Delphin products are being used across many different industries. Our customer base includes companies involved in process engineering, mechanical engineering, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and power engineering.