Cupboard trolleys (G®-CUP light E 2601)

Gmöhling Transportgeräte GmbH

Cupboard trolleys (G®-CUP light E 2601) by Gmöhling Transportgeräte GmbH

The open cupboard trolley is a reliable transport and storage trolley for all applications.It is ideal in constricted spaces.The open cupboard trolley can fit into any niche and guarantees an optimal overview and direct access to the contents.

It also scores points with its easy handling and cleaning, durability, variability, with ergonomic perfection and first-class quality.It is perfectly suited for use in any setting from a retirement home or hospital, as an in-plant tool trolley, garment trolley, mobile office as well as in schools and public facilities.

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Innovation is a tradition at Gmöhling. The desire to continually develop and improve is ingrained in the very essence of the company. This desire started with the founder of the company, Mr Gmöhling, and has been proudly adopted by our workforce in keeping with Gustav Heinemann's saying: "Those unwilling to embrace change will ultimately lose what they are seeking to preserve." This approach enables us to continue to set new benchmarks in our industry. Our transport and disposal containers, transport and cupboard trolleys and pallets are now an essential purchase for many customers around the world.

Our production site in Fürth, Germany, which is over 8,000 sq.m in area, is ample testimony to Gmöhling's success and commitment to the site. Entrepreneurial vision, quality awareness, forward planning, sustainable production processes and durable, stable products have made Gmöhling what it is today: one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium containers in the world

Gmöhling is of course certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

For decades, Gmöhling has enjoyed the reputation of being a professional, innovative, flexible and extremely reliable business partner among its discerning customers around the world.

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