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Steel Common Wire Nails by DeShiQuan Concrete Nails Co., Ltd.

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Common nails are used for general construction and framing,also called common wire nails or construction nails, have straight shanks and flat heads.Galvanized coating and larger shank provide greater strength. conform to ASTM F1667.

Specifications of Common nails

Common nail :size: 2.5, 3 and 4 inch,

Material: Q235
Tensile Strength: Not less than 435N/mm2
Finish: Polished
Packing: 5kg/box

1.5" * BWG14
2.0" * BWG12
2.5" * BWG11
3.0" * BWG08

Common Nail Product Drawing Attachment


Common-building-nails (Polished, Clean)

Referring to the product drawing, following important notes must be complied;

1.Minimum tensile strength must be 435N/mm2.
2.Dimensions must be complied within the tolerance as indicated in the drawing.
3.Nail head, diameter and length must be consistent.
4.Minimum gross weight must be 5kg/box.
5.The Common Nail must be free from rust and properly covered.

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