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Film Spreading Machine (WZTD) by Hebenstreit GmbH

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High-capacity spreading machine for fully automatic cream application by the film method. With the film method, the film knife takes the cream film from the spreading roller and transfers it gently onto the wafer sheet.
Spreader head versions are available for cream, chocolate, caramel or jam.
The wafer sheets to be creamed are passed, without gaps inbetween, under the spreader head and are continuously creamed by the film method; if required they are then stacked and a cover sheet is applied on top to form a sandwich.
Spreading machines are based on a modular design. Combination with an additional spreader head, a second stacking station or e.g. a sprinkling device for putting on chopped nuts enables many different products to be manufactured depending on the extra features installed.

  • Batter Preparation
  • Baking
  • Sheet Cooling & Conditioning
  • Spreading & Stacking
  • Sandwich Cooling
  • Cutting
  • Discharge & Distribution
  • Raw Material Preperation


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The wafer sheets – and the cover...

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Hollow Wafer Spreading Machine WZH
In combination with a nut depositing device NE, for i.e. the production of wafer spheres with whole hazelnuts inserted.