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Company credit cards (Visa Business Electron) by Zagrebačka banka d.d.

Visa Business Electron is a card intended for business entities for disposal of funds on transactional accounts. Visa Business Electron enables simpler and safer cash and cashless financial operations.

Cash operations:

  • deposit of daily proceeds at Bank deposit ATMs
  • cash withdrawal at Bank counters in Croatia or abroad
  • cash withdrawal at ATMs in Croatia and abroad
  • cash withdrawal in Konzum and Tisak points of sale as well as Tisak media centres
  • cash withdrawal via POS terminals in FINA branches

Cashless operations:

  • payment of goods and services at points of sale via POS terminals and online payment.


  • Availability of funds and simplicity of use  use the card for paying everyday business costs and have access to cash in the country or abroad
  • Transactions are immediately charged to the account of the business entity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Possibility of cash withdrawal and cash deposit
  • Use of the card at points of sale for everyday operating costs
  • Payments and collections through PayPal

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