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Sinusoidal chokes fulfil very special tasks. They are primarily used to absorb the existing output voltage and generate a smoothed voltage. In this way, the motor is considerably protected. It is considerably more powerful and has a considerably longer service life. Interference emissions, which are present to a greater or lesser extent in almost all lines, can be significantly reduced, even if not completely. The internal voltages can also be considerably reduced by the targeted use of sinusoidal chokes. The otherwise constant danger of additional motor heating during operation can be significantly reduced by sinusoidal chokes. HRK's experienced and competent staff will be happy to advise you on the possible applications and answer any questions you may have about the functionality and possible applications of sinusoidal chokes in practice.

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HKR develops, manufactures and supplies customized chokes and inductor units for various applications in power electronics.
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HKR has been manufacturing high-quality power electronics products for more than 25 years. Thanks to the development and production of the soft-magnetic powder composite materials HaKRon®, we have at our disposal a substance which is characterized by high density and strength as well as excellent magnetic and electrical properties. Customer satisfaction, quality and quality assurance are still our top priorities, which we constantly pursue with our competent employees in research, development and production. Of course, we are also certified as per EN DIN ISO 9001.