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soft magnetic cores by HKR Elektrotechnischer Gerätebau GmbH

Soft magnetic cores from the specialist HKR are characterized by an innovative manufacturing process that uses only the highest quality materials. These soft magnetic and pure materials have, among other things, a low coercive field strength and easy remagnetizability without large irreversible fractions. The best materials and innovative manufacturing processes ensure that soft magnetic cores from HKR provide reliable performance in motors, chokes, inductors or various electromagnetic devices at an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Wherever materials and components with exceptional electrical and magnetic properties are required, soft magnetic cores from the specialist HKR are the optimum solution. This is made possible, among other things, by a highly qualified team of engineers. Intelligent innovations and continuous further developments in the areas of development and production guarantee that HKR can offer soft magnetic cores to meet every requirement. Maximum flexibility, combined with an extremely wide product depth, ensure that HKR, soft magnetic cores and other specific inductive components can be developed and supplied for almost any requirement.

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About HKR Elektrotechnischer Gerätebau GmbH

HKR has been manufacturing high-quality power electronics products for more than 25 years. Thanks to the development and production of the soft-magnetic powder composite materials HaKRon®, we have at our disposal a substance which is characterized by high density and strength as well as excellent magnetic and electrical properties. Customer satisfaction, quality and quality assurance are still our top priorities, which we constantly pursue with our competent employees in research, development and production. Of course, we are also certified as per EN DIN ISO 9001.