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Batter Production Plants (TMX) by Hebenstreit GmbH

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Fully automatic wafer batter preparation plant
One significant feature of the TMX wafer batter preparation plant is the way the mixing bowl is installed on three electronic weighing cells to weigh bulk ingredients such as flour, maize starch, rye flour, sugar and process water.


  • TMX 150/300: 900 kg/hour
  • TMX 200/400: 1,200 kg/hour
  • TMX 300/500: 1,800 kg/hour
  • TMX 400/600: 2,400 kg/hour

Depending on the raw materials, recipe and process flow, a plant designed to be fully automatic can produce around 7.5 batches per hour, equating to a batch time of only 8 minutes. It offers ultra-precise dosing of raw materials, homogeneous mixing of recipe ingredients and fully automatic feeding of several different recipes to one or more automatic baking machines for the production of flat and hollow wafers or wafers made from batters containing sugar.

Depending on the recipe and the required degree of automation, the plants’ modular structure allows their layout to be

  • TMX wafer batter mixer, batch size: 120, 160, 240 or 320 kg.
  • Dosing of process water
    Temperature control system for process water
  • Dosing of bulk dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, maize starch and rye flour
  • Dosing of medium-sized dry ingredients such as lecithin, egg yolk, cocoa and skimmedmilk powder
  • Dosing of minor dry ingredients such as baking soda, salt, enzymes and ammonium or magnesium carbonate
  • Sack loading station for emptying sacks of flour, starch or sugar
  • Pneumatic transport of raw materials from a sack loading station or from silos that have been supplied by the customer
  • Flour sieving machine with magnetic filter
  • Dosing of liquid lecithin
  • Dosing of liquid fat/oil
  • Static mixer for mixing liquid fat/oil and liquid lecithin during dosing
  • Dosing of flavourings
  • Intermediate batter container, 300, 400, 500 or 600 litres, double-walled, stirrer to prevent sedimentation of the wafer batter
  • Plant control system with display and logging of process flows

The raw materials are mixed in batches in a particularly gentle but effective mixing process. The mixer has a mixing turbine which was developed specially for the production of all kinds of wafer batter. Frequency-controlled drive from below through the base of the container with special axial face seal, designed to ensure a constant water input pressure for cooling while the turbine rotates. Mounting the mixing bowl on three electronic weighing cells permits the fully automatic weighing of bulk ingredients. A controllable batter feeding pump is used to empty the mixer and feed the intermediate batter container downstream.

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