Ball Slewing Bearing (Series 01)

CRB Antriebstechnik GmbH

Ball Slewing Bearing (Series 01) by CRB Antriebstechnik GmbH

Single-row ball slewing bearings with internal, external gearing or without gearing. Standard four-point contact bearings (01 - series) are the mostly used types with diameters from 234 mm to 6,300 mm, hardened or unhardened gearing. Four-point raceway geometry, preloaded raceway system, centering, special sealing, various spacers or cages are available. Light profile design series, flange bearings with external gearing, internal gearing or without gearing (L - series) with raceway diameters from 310 mm to 1,455 mm are part of our standard program. Normal or double holes, reduced or preloaded clearance up to precision quality class are available. A variety of surface treatments is can be provided .
  • Excavators
  • deep drilling rigs and other construction equipments
  • welding construction
  • engineering and plant engineering

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About CRB Antriebstechnik GmbH

CRB Antriebstechnik GmbH as part of the CRB Group has been operating in Germany since 2002. The CRB product range comprises all types of rolling elements such as balls, needles and rolls. In addition, we produce roller bearings, slewing bearings, components for the automotive industry and spare parts for industrial trucks and machine components. In conjunction with our partner Redman Precision Manufacture in China, we sell our products worldwide. Technical advice, design, drawing as well as further technical data can be obtained from CRB upon request at any time. Customer support and stock keeping are mainly effected from our Leverkusen location thanks to comprehensive stocks, we are able to deliver at short notice.