Technical Plastic Parts


Technical Plastic Parts by RACEPLAST

We use the latest CNC technology to produce high-precision and individual parts to meet the highest demands.Convince yourself of our brief and on time delivery at an optimal price/performance ratio. We are set up optimally to individual production as well as large production runs. For each application we develop an industry-specific solution.
Delivery program:
  • PE 1000(UHMW)
  • PE 500 (HMW)
  • PE 300
  • POM
  • PA
  • PP
  • PTFE
  • PVC
Hinterer Wall 9
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Export Regions
Süleyman Ceyran


Raceplast is a forward-looking company. Our clients receive individual counseling on a high technical standard and customized solution for all industries.
As specialists in all engineering plastics in the following sectors:
  • Packaging industry
  • Medical
  • Laboratory technology
  • Food industry
  • Drive and Conveyor
  • Electroplating

Quality is paramount; we offer best quality at fair prices in all functional areas. Nothing is more important to us than provide our customers the best possible quality. Speed and reliability to ensure a frictionless process; we are committed to a timely workflow from the request to after-sales service and pay close attention to compliance with this. It's rarely a question of reinventing everything. Rather to identify potential and get together to bring success. The best basis for cooperation: trust.

Please send us your drawings or samples and we will make an offer for free.