Medical Vacuum Systems (ULTRAVAC®)

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Medical Vacuum Systems (ULTRAVAC®) by Ultra Controlo International Lda

Ultra-Controlo has been one of the first manufacturers giving 5 years or 30.000 hours full warranty for the blades of our pumps and later to the complete ULTRAVAC Medical Vacuum Plants. Our ULTRAVAC complies with the International Standards ISO 7396-1 and are certified as medical devices according to European Directive 93/42/EEC. We are able to build the system to comply with special requirements and other standards.
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About Ultra Controlo International Lda

Ultra-Controlo is a leading manufacturer of medical gas equipment, including certified medical oxygen plants, totally oil-free medical air plants, medical vacuum systems, anaesthetic gas scavenging systems, hospital industrial compressed air plants, high pressure oxygen filling stations, medical dental air plants, medical dental vacuum plants. The scope of supply includes the complete range of medical gas pipeline systems, oxygen manifolds, high pressure flexible hoses, gas terminals, oxygen therapy, flowmeters, pressure regulators for gas cylinders, oxygen cylinders, valves and second stage regulators. The industrial division supplies Elmo-Rietschle vacuum pumps, compressors and blowers, Gardner Denver screw compressors, oil-free compressors, double stage piston compressors biogas compressors, oxygen and nitrogen boosters, roots blowers, complete centralized systems for vacuum, low air pressure, compressed air station. Adsorption and refrigeration dryers, filters. Liquid ring pumps, steam pumps and steam valves. We make complete turn-key projects from design to complete execution on site all over the world.