Multi-Axle-Rotating-Mixer (RM 5-40)

Ingenieurbüro CAT M. Zipperer GmbH

Multi-Axle-Rotating-Mixer (RM 5-40) by Ingenieurbüro CAT M. Zipperer GmbH

5 rollers synchronous rocking and rotating mixer, speed: 35 rpm, roll length: 330 mm, dia. 32 mm, average distance from roll to roll: 40 mm, tilt angle: 3°, 230V

Five synchronized rotating PVC rollers provide a uniform and gentle swaying mixing of test tubes. Sufficient space allows for numerous test tubes to be placed horizontally along the surface of the oscillating rollers for simultaneous gentle and homogeneous mixing. A rotating mixer with horizontal motion only is also available. This kind of mixer is especially designed for the uniform mixing of medical laboratory tests of blood, haematological determinations and other cell suspension samples. In addition it prevents sedimentation in samples such as dyes, paints, oil and cosmetics, etc.

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