Screw Counter for Power Torque Electric Screwdriver (KILEWS SKP-BC40HL)

Loover Industrial Co., Ltd

Screw Counter for Power Torque Electric Screwdriver (KILEWS SKP-BC40HL) by Loover Industrial Co., Ltd

- With dual-locking function to avoid wrong operation and adjustment
- Selectable, auto-reset or manual reset
- Brushless screwdriver counter suitable for environment of operation in clean room
- Slow-start function is able to set time and section of rotation speed from L0~L9, allow screwdriver to start under low speed and normal rotation speed for operation
- Auto-learning function (to account correct time for screw fastening) let user to aim at simulating the duration of special screws
- Expanding five sets data memory, user can chooses single set to operate or five sets to operate cyclically. It’s the best choice of screws counter can let screwdriver be used as 5 in 1
- Displaying the number of unfinished screw counts, user can add external sensor switch to avoid any mistake from shortage of screw fastening. SKP-BC40HL automatically to prompt user while fastening job is done as setting. Screw counting is also able to connect external devices
- Setting output and input signal (open collector) such function is suitable for semi or full automatic production for contact point of relay, to prevent operator from improper operation and make an accurate calculation by signal of sensor
- Enable to connect with external PLC system to make production line humanistic. Calculate the screws numbers to be fastened by computer to avoid any unnecessary neglect of screw fastening
- This system provides with +12 V DC, it can be connected to V+ and COM(-) and then connect to PLC
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We are a professional company in the field of assembly equipment and tools that factories demand and after sales service. We hold the running principle as specialty, service, quality and globalization to offer service to our worldwide customers. KILEWS electric screwdrivers for brushless DC, carbon AC/DC and high torque same as quality of Japanese or European famous brands. Also, we have screw counters and automatic screw feeders.