Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems (Dulcodes UV)

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Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems (Dulcodes UV) by ProMinent GmbH

Gentle on people and the environment

UV radiation is a safe, chemical-free and reliable method of disinfection in modern water treatment. ProMinent Dulcodes® UV systems exploit the safety and reliability of UV disinfection in a wide range of applications. Scientific research and the many systems successfully in operation prove that UV is ideally suited to water disinfection.

Our best: the Dulcodes UV disinfection systems

  • Uniform radiation of the entire water flow thanks to optimised system hydraulics with flow-optimised inlet zone
  • Use of UV lamps with a long lamp lifetime and high UV-C output
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • System controller with comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions
  • Display of all important operating parameters and reporting of faults in plain text
  • Trend display of the variation of the UV sensor signal over time
  • Analogue output sensor signal and fault indicating relay
  • Use of modern electronic ballasts with bus technology for lamp-friendly ignition and operation
  • Individual lamp monitoring
  • Direct control of automatic shut-off and flushing valves

UV System Dulcodes A

  • Flow up to 739 m3/h
  • The UV system Dulcodes A helps to ensure water quality. The UV system works energy-efficiently and cleanly based on continuously variable medium pressure lamps and can therefore automatically compensate for variations in the water quality or level of contamination.

UV System Dulcodes LP Stainless Steel

  • Flow up to 523 m³/h
  • The unique UV systems Dulcodes LP are synonymous with pioneering water treatment – efficient and free of chemicals.The active temperature management of the patented high-performance lamps ensures fast and precise lamp dimming. This ensures at all times automatic adaptation to varying flows and temperature conditions.

UV System Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic

  • Flow up to 250 m3/h
  • Disinfection of saline sea water or thermal water without corrosion problems with the UV system Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic. The UV system consists of a reactor and a UV sensor made of highly UV-resistant plastic.

UV System Dulcodes MP

  • Flow up to 569 m3/h
  • The UV system Dulcodes MP for water treatment and disinfection in swimming pools. Combined chlorine is broken down and the typical swimming pool odour is eliminated: no more irritation for eyes, nose and skin. A manual stage switch permits adaptation to the required capacity requirement.

UV System Dulcodes Z

  • Flow up to 230 m3/h
  • UV system Dulcodes Z for potable water treatment. Chemical-free disinfection, which conforms to all internationally established DVGW, ÖVGW and UVDGM standards. High-performance and energy-efficient high-output lamps.​
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The ProMinent group is manufacturer of components and systems for the metering technology, as well as a reliable water treatment solutions partner for over 50 years. Through innovative products, service capabilities and industry-specific solutions, the aim is to provide improved efficiency and safety for customers, wherever they may be in the world.