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The main raw materials for SmCo-magnets are samarium (~25% - 35%), small quantities of chrome and copper, and the remainder being cobalt. SmCo-magnets are manufactured primarily using presses and sinters. The finished magnet is very hard and can be further processed only by using diamond tools or the erosion process. SmCo-magnets are characterised by excellent resistance to corrosion and can be used at temperatures of up to +250°C. Depending on the alloy, the remanence of SmCo-magnets lies between ca. 0.86 - 1.16 Tesla. This remanence is comparable to NdFeB-magnets. Contrary to AlNiCo-magnets, SmCo-magnets, however, possess quite a high coercive field strength. With a Hcj of 1.000 - 2.200 kA/m, they lie only scarcely below the values of NdFeB-magnets. SmCo-magnets are also available as plastic-bound magnets.

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Plastic-bonded SmCo-magnets are produced from powdered SmCo-magnet material and synthetic resin. The magnets are shaped using the processes of either injection moulding or form pressing. The resulting...
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