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Magnetic fastening systems by Magnetworld AG

Magnetic systems can also be used as a removable fastening point for ferrous metal constructions in industrial facilities. Threaded bolts, eyelets or nuts of various sizes can be established as connection points according to the customer's wishes. These magnets are resistant to eroding media and are water protected.

More Products in the Area of Magnet Systems

The offer of the magnetic tracks presented here establishes the basis for the assembly of highly efficient linear motors. Here an array of NdFeB–magnets are fastened onto a soft iron structure. The co...
A wide range of pole housings for a number of application areas can be ordered from Magnetworld AG. The pole housings mostly serve as stators in AC area of electric motors.
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Magnetworld AG is professional supplier of a wide range of magnets and magnet systems. We also provide customer specific magnet products and solutions and extend the range of products continueously. We are sure, our world is a magnetic world, where people are inspired to find optimal solutions. Therefore our customers come from well known industries as well as from normal consumers. Strong customer orientation, well and competent communication and continuieously improvement of our quality management are our advantages on the market. New applications of the magnets are keep coming, the market is expanding continueously. The Sales Management of the Magnetworld AG works according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 QM-System.