Fluorination Systems (Rectangular Reactor)

Fluor Technik System GmbH

Fluorination Systems (Rectangular Reactor) by Fluor Technik System GmbH

Rectangular reactor, larger or mechanically sensitive parts on carriers or in baskets are fluorinated. The dimensions of the rectangle reactor are tailored to the client's product.

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In the inline method, it is possible to fluorinate web material continuously.

Films, textiles and even foams of different material backgrounds can be fluorinated in this way.

Due to their surface properties, many components tend to stick, causing significant restrictions in their application. The objective is to make the sticky surfaces of components smoother and cleaner.<...
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About Fluor Technik System GmbH

Exploring New Avenues The use of polymer materials with low surface tension to make 3D parts has become commonplace in the automotive industry. This means pre-treatment system manufacturers have to explore new avenues to meet the resultant increased demands with respect to surface activation. The roots can be traced back to specialists of corona treatment, which is used for film surface modification systems. As corona treatment is good for two-dimensional objects such as film or web, fluorination is the better alternative to treat and activate three-dimensional parts. Founded in 1992, Fluor Technik System GmbH began to develop and optimize the fluorination process. In 1995, following an exhaustive programme of research and development, Fluor Technik System GmbH chalked up its first successes in fluorine gas-based surface activation.