Industrial Compressors (VARIABLE)

ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH

Industrial Compressors (VARIABLE) by ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH

Power class: 16-355 kW. The speed-controlled, screw compressors in the ALMiG VARIABLE series have been specially developed according to the most recent findings in research and technology. They are for use in all situations where compressed air needs vary. Market analyses show that on average capacity utilisation of compressors is around 50 - 70%. The maximum delivery quantity is only required at peak times. This has prompted us to develop the ALMiG SCD technology which demonstrates its greatest strength in the partial load range, i.e. exactly where it is required.

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Power class: 1,5 – 11,4 kW. Industrial quality in a new design. These air-cooled, 1- or 2-stage compressors with direct drive are tough and economical.
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About ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH

A name that guarantees top-grade technology in the compressed air sector. ALMiG has emerged from a company with a long tradition whose products in the compressed air industry have always stood for quality, innovation and consideration of its customers. Today ALMiG is an extremely flexible company which can react fast to special customer requests. It stands by its customers as a competent partner, giving advice and practical support. It goes without saying that as one of the leading suppliers of advanced compressed air systems, our commitment to continuous research and development forms the basis for all the plants we manufacture.