Hydraulic Oil for Food Processing Technology (OKS 3770)

OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH

Hydraulic Oil for Food Processing Technology (OKS 3770) by OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH

Fully synthetic oil for hydraulic systems, as well as other machine elements. Long operating times due to high temperature and oxidation stability. Good wear protection. Resistant to steam, alkali and acid disinfectants and cleaning agents.

  • NSF H1 registered
Ganghoferstrasse 47
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ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
Hanno D. Wentzler
Dr. Jörg Matthias Großmann

About OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH

OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH, a specialist in lubricants operating worldwide for 40 years, produces and sells about 150 high-performance products for reducing friction, wear and corrosion. The main field of use of the OKS speciality lubricants and chemotechnical products is industrial maintenance, servicing and production. Through the technical trade branch OKS reaches both the commercial users and the industrial customers. Intensive training and instruction of our trade partners ensures excellent consulting services locally. Longevity and cost efficiency of the used lubricants are ensured thanks to a modern product spectrum and the constant expansion of our range of products. OKS products are produced under strict quality requirements at the company headquarters in Maisach (near Munich). From here just-in-time dispatch is also carried out worldwide. Since 2003 OKS is a company of the Freudenberg Group.