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13.05.2024 01:05

Power clamping screw MSPD - Under pressure

How to clamp large and heavy workpieces easily

Workpieces measuring up to approximately 50cm are typically clamped manually and mechanically using three- or four-jaw chucks, or automatically through pneumatic or hydraulic means. However, when dealing with larger workpieces, planar disks come into play. These disks securely hold much larger parts in place using jaw boxes and tensioning spindles. Users can select from 7 standard thread sizes ranging from TR 50 to TR 200, allowing clamping forces of up to 500 kN to be achieved thanks to the proven wedge clamping system, ensuring self-locking in each clamping position and a high level of stiffness. Equipped with an internal switchover for external and internal clamping, the MSP/MSPD power clamping spindles from JAKOB Antriebstechnik offer impressive clamping forces, a wide clamping range, and straightforward operation and assembly, ensuring maximum operational safety.


To ensure this safety over the long term, JAKOB recommends regular spindle inspections, typically once or twice a year depending on the frequency of clamping cycles. JAKOB's force measuring systems, such as the hydraulic, standalone force transducer HMD, offer simplicity in this regard. The intelligent clamping claw FMS even enables constant clamping force control during workpiece machining, with data transmission wirelessly to handheld display devices or PCs. If clamping forces deviate from the stated nominal values by approximately 25% to 30%, an overhaul is advised, which can be conducted directly by JAKOB. Additionally, JAKOB provides training courses to certify participants as operating or maintenance personnel, facilitating future installation and maintenance within the company's own operations.

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