Carl Zeiss IQS Deutschland GmbH

Carl Zeiss IQS Deutschland GmbH

Carl Zeiss IQS Deutschland GmbH

25.01.2023 00:01

ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA Discover the highlights and advantages of the system

When inspection becomes productivity.

With its robust design, the ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA system guarantees productivity on the production line and smooth quality assurance even in harsh production environments. Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) software enables automated 100% inline inspection and ensures reliable defect detection. The system is suitable for multi-shift operations. The clever pallet loading system enables simultaneous loading and inspection of different types of castings, ensuring high throughput.

This is how you benefit from the ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA system High throughput: fast loading of components A special loading concept allows workpieces to be loaded and unloaded in just a few seconds, while other workpieces are inspected at the same time. This guarantees a high throughput in production. Automated evaluation: ADR software The Automated Defect Recognition software designed and developed by ZEISS enables fully automated X-ray inspection of various castings according to international standards without the need for operator intervention. Robust and reliable system: for continuous use in harsh production environments Thanks to its strong and robust design, ZEISS BOSELLO OMNIA is perfect for continuous use in harsh production environments - 24/7. Full flexibility: inspect different parts Thanks to the clever pallet concept and the double turntable, different types, sizes and shapes of castings can be inspected - both manually and with a robot.

Designed for production Suitable for a wide range of components and industries The robust 2D X-ray system reliably and quickly inspects castings of medium to large size and low and medium density around the clock. This enables you to achieve high throughput in your production line. Top industries

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