Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
Bubesheimer Strasse 4
89340 Leipheim

Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, Germany: Information about the Manufacturer

The history of Wanzl is a story of continuous innovation. Rudolf Wanzl invented the prototype of the shopping trolley around 1950; it has retained its original form virtually unchanged to this day. Production has increased rapidly since then. Today, Wanzl is the largest manufacturer of shopping trolleys in the world. Each year around 1.8 million units are manufactured and sold in a huge range of different models. For decades, the company has continued to developt landmark products for comfortable shopping and selling that have set standards and are now a matter of course for customers throughout the world. Wanzl is now a partner of international retail chains and has brought its outstanding quality to new applications in other industries as well. At the core of our work are solutions that meet individual customer needs and satisfy demanding requirements. This approach has made the company a successful business and has allowed the original metal goods factory to develop to its current scale. Today, Wanzl has over 3300 employees in seven production facilities – in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, and China. Branch offices and agencies ensure the company's recognised close proximity to customers, a cause the Wanzl has championed since its founding.

Address Bubesheimer Strasse 4, 89340 Leipheim, Germany
Business Type Manufacturer
Certifications DIN EN ISO 9001
Management Gottfried Wanzl , Frank Derks, Dr. Hans Jürgen Sattler
Export Markets Worldwide
Year Founded 1947
Number of Employees 3300
Homepage www.wanzl.com
Phone +49 8221 729-0