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Tungsten carbide hole saws - RUKO GmbH

Tungsten carbide hole saws, shallow cut:
The RUKO tungsten-carbide-tipped hole saws can be used in hand and pillar drills. When employing pillar drills, use manual advance only.
Suitable for high chrome alloyed steels such as V2A and V4A (up to 2.0 mm), steel and cast steel, non-ferrous and lightweight metals, plastics, reinforced fabrics, plasterboard and lightweight boards, wood processing up to max. 4.0 mm.

Tungsten carbide multigrade hole saws MHS:
The RUKO tungsten-carbide-multigrade hole saws MHS can be used in magnetic and standard drills to a maximum of 20,0 mm in steel. For hand drills up to 6,0 mm in steel. Suitable for high-alloyed steels such as stainless and acid-resistant steel, steel and cast steel (up to 20,0 mm), non-ferrous and light metals, plastics (up to 28,0 mm). Applications: drills flat materials, tubes, vaulted surfaces, overlapped holes possible.

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