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Technical Spray - RUKO GmbH

The RUKO coolants and lubricants provide an outstanding separation and cooling effect. They generate a high surface quality and increase the service life of the tools, even with hard and brittle materials.

  • Cutting pastes
  • Universal cutting oil
  • Universal cutting oil concentrate
  • Cutting spray cans
  • Silicone spray can
  • Cleaning lubricating oil
  • Light adhesive grease
  • Belt grinding oil
  • Contact spray can
  • PTFE oil spray can, fully synthetic
  • Leak detection spray can
  • Multi-spray can
  • PTFE dry lubrication spray can
  • Stainless steel spray can
  • Zinc spray can
  • Polymer special lubricant spray can
  • Citrus Clean Plus
  • Multi-foam spray can
  • Brake cleaner
  • Rust remover MOS²
  • Copper anti-seize spray can
  • Multipurpose grease cartridge NLGI 2
  • Anti-spatter agent
  • Anti-spatter agent LL
  • Alcohol based cleaner and degreaser - BIO
  • Cold cleaner

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