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Step Drill - RUKO GmbH

The flutes of RUKO high performance step drills are CBN ground from the solid hardened form. Because CBN (cubical boron nitride) is a much harder abrasive than even silicium carbide or corundum, a better and sharper cutting edge is achieved - without burrs.

And, with higher dimensional precision the drills will last considerably longer while maintaining the precise process tolerances.

The ideal tool for sheet metal working in the following sectors of industries: electrical (size 4 + size 9), sanitary engineering and heating technics (size 6 + size 7) or automotive, mechanical engineering, aviation (size 0/5, size 0/9, size 1, size 2, size 3, size 5) and switching systems (size 0/9k, size 1k, size 2k) up to 2,0 mm sheet thickness.

This tough tool is suitable for all standard industrial materials: nonferrous metal, special steel, thermoplastics and duroplastics as well as sheet metals up to 4,0 mm thickness.

This durable and versatile tool will center, spot-drill, bore and debur - all in one smooth, high performance working cycle.

By using RUKO cutting spray or RUKO cutting paste tool life will be considerably prolonged

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