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Core Drill Bit - RUKO GmbH

Core drills HSS:
Core drill made of heavy-duty high speed steel.Suitable for steel (such as T-brackets, large sheets), cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals.

Core drills HSSE-Co 5:
Core drills made of cobalt alloyed heavy-duty high speed steel with increased heat resistance. Ideal for drilling materials that are difficult to cut and for the highest demands. Suitable for working with unalloyed and alloyed steel (up to a strength of 1200 N/mm²), hot and cold-working steel and also for reinforced and case-hardened steel.

Core drills TC:
Core drills with tungsten carbide cutters.
Particularly for rail tracks, Hardox / Weldox 400 steel, steel, cast iron, high-alloyed chromium steel such as stainless and acid-resistant steel.

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