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Carbide Drill - RUKO GmbH

Solid tungsten carbide K 20 twist drill with titanium aluminium nitride coating. The TiAlN wear-resistant coating increases the surface hardness to approx. 3,000 HV and the heat resistance to 900 °C. This helps to increase service lives and cutting rates by 50%. Application areas: for high strength steels up to 1200 N/mm², cast steel, grey iron, chilled cast iron, annealed cast iron, CrNi steels, titanium alloys, bronze, brass, copper, aluminium with high silicon content and abrasive plastics. Core drills with tungsten carbide cutters. Particularly for rail tracks, Hardox / Weldox 400 steel, steel, cast iron, high-alloyed chromium steel such as stainless and acidresistant steel.

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