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Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Duodos - ProMinent GmbH

Duodos pumps are air-driven double diaphragm transfer pumps. No electrical components are required.

The pump capacity of the pump can be controlled by changing the pressure in the air supply. The air control is designed for oil-free operation. Duodos pumps are ideally suited for the transport of liquid chemicals. Duodos pumps transport media at up 6,700 l/h and up to a discharge lift of 70 m. As the pump capacity is highly dependent on the back pressure, the performance curve must always be observed. At the same time, the differential pressure between the hydraulic and pneumatic sides should not exceed 2 bar. Higher values reduce the service life of the pump. When selecting pumps, check the material compatibility. In addition, consider the density, viscosity and temperature of the transported medium.

Your benefits

  • No electrical components are required because the pumps are air-operated
  • Duodos pumps are run-dry safe and self-priming

Technical details

  • Maximum air pressure 7 bar
  • The air control is designed for oil-free operation
  • If the back pressure is greater than the air pressure in the pump, the pump remains stationary

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