ProMinent GmbH
Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11
69123 Heidelberg


The ProMinent group is manufacturer of components and systems for the metering technology, as well as a reliable water treatment solutions partner for over 50 years. Through innovative products, service capabilities and industry-specific solutions, the aim is to provide improved efficiency and safety for customers, wherever they may be in the world.

Address Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11, 69123 Heidelberg, Germany
Business Type Manufacturer
Certifications DIN EN ISO 9001
Export Markets Worldwide
Year Founded 1960
Phone +49 6221 842-0

Products - ProMinent GmbH

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps


Duodos pumps are air-driven double diaphragm transfer pumps. No electrical components are required.

The pump capacity of the pump can be controlled by changing the pressure in the air ...

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Barrel & Drum Pumps


Barrel pumps are the ideal solution for moving liquids.

DULCO®Trans is used for bottling, draining and transferring liquids from canisters, hobbocks, drums, storage tanks and ...

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Big Bag Dischargers


Emptying made simple!

Tomal® Big-Bag emptying units are designed for use with both disposable and returnable sacks. When used with disposable bags, the emptying unit is equipped with ...

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Centrifugal Pumps

von Taine®

The safe and high-quality solution when liquid media need to be pumped leak-free.

The von Taine® pump is a solenoid-coupled centrifugal pump. Thanks to the solenoid coupling, the pump ...

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Chemical Feeders


Choose from a range of different components and adapt the metering system to your requirements.

Two hydraulic connection points guarantee simple installation of the metering system. The ...

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Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Bello Zon® CDLb

Compact dimensions and maximum cost-effectiveness - chlorine dioxide system for one or more points of injection.

In batch production a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution is generated ...

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Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Bello Zon® CDVc

Bello Zon® CDVc is the convenient system for the treatment of average to large volumes of water.

Continuous water treatment using the chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon® CDVc can be simply ...

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Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Bello Zon® CDKc
The system makes possible highly economic operation through the use of concentrated chemicals.

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Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Bello Zon® CDKc

Bello Zon® CDKc is a deluxe system, persuading customers with its safe handling of chemicals.

This chlorine dioxide system includes an intrinsically safe pre-dilution station for ...

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Chlorine Feeders

DULCODOS® Pool Basic

Convenient and simple: pure water in private swimming pools – fully automatically and correctly.

Complete system for the fully automatic adjustment of pH and chlorine content (using the ...

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