Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
Lilienthalstrasse 200
68307 Mannheim


In 1945, Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs founded a small radio workshop in Mannheim, Germany, based on the principles of inventiveness, entrepreneurial foresight, and self-reliance. The experience they acquired was transformed into new ideas, and they continued to enjoy developing products for customers. The eventual result was the invention of the proximity switch. This innovation represented the starting point of the company's success story.

Today, Pepperl+Fuchs is known by customers around the world as a pioneer and an innovator in electrical explosion protection and sensor technology. Our main focus is always on your individual requirements: With a passion for automation and groundbreaking technology, we are committed to working in partnership with you now and in the future. We understand the demands of your markets, developing specific solutions, and integrating them into your processes.

Address Lilienthalstrasse 200, 68307 Mannheim, Germany
Business Type Manufacturer
Certifications DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 80079-3
Management Dr.-Ing. Gunther Kegel
Export Markets Worldwide
Year Founded 1945
Number of Employees 5700
Phone +49 621 776-0

News - Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH

Sensors for the food industry: The challenge of Perfection

Pepperl+Fuchs now manufactures sensors for the food industry that more than satisfy the demanding requirements for cleanliness and hygiene in this sector – in three different technologies. Ultrasonic, inductive and

The HiD2000 system is the ideal motherboard solution

The HiD2000 system is the ideal motherboard solution. The wiring of system cables, sturdy screw terminals or knife-edge loop disconnect terminals stays where it belongs: on the printed circuit boards. This way, all of the amplifier modules can be easily plugged in and secured

Gate light beam switch RLK31

The light beam switches RLK31 in universal voltage design were especially developed for the cost-effective protection of gates and are available as single-path and reflex light beam switches with polarisation filter.

Photoelectric sensors series 31

Photoelectric sensors are often used when neither exceptional optical performance nor extended features are required. For this reason, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed the new photoelectric

Encoders with hollow shaft mounting

Today, hollow shaft encoders contribute to the systematic rationalisation of sensor applications. The principal advantage lies in their straightforward and quick installation, which at the same time does not involve the

IDENT Control now also available as a 13.56 MHz identification system

The IDENT Control system supports RFID systems with differing frequencies. In addition to 125 kHz and 2.45 GHz, another option now exists to connect read/write heads with an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz. They are available with a cylindrical structure (M18) and rectangular design (80x80x60 mm and 300x300x40 mm) and have read ranges of

Rotary Encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs with UL Certification

Despite international harmonization and formal adjustment of the standards on the basis of IEC standards, North American standards still differ considerably from comparable European standards. In order to meet the requirements of the North American and Canadian market, Pepperl+Fuchs Drehgeber