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Passive Harmonic Filters
This filter module ensures sinusoidal shaped main currents and reduces harmonics. Passive harmonic filters are an economical alternative solution to active systems for the compensation of harmonic distortion. Our filters are suitable for all devices with Six-pulse bridge rectifiers. They meet the standard EN 61558 and UL 508 requirements. It is possible to use a filter centrally for several inverters. The system losses are low, thus the filter does not reduce the dynamics of the drives. The power range is from 7 to 300 kW (10 to 433 A).

  • For 400 V mains with 50Hz;
  • other voltages and 60 Hz on request
  • THDi (Total Harmonic Distortion of Current) 10% or 16%
  • Rated currents from 10...450 A
  • Protection level IP00
Properties Passive Harmonic Filter
  • Small compact size
  • Reduces THDi to . 16% resp. 10%
  • Optional THDi = 5% (depends on application)
  • High Efficiency Factor
  • User-friendly installation, no programming or setup required

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