FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving ALLTEC GmbH
An der Trave 27-31
23923 Selmsdorf


FOBA is among the leaders in manufacturing and supplying precision laser systems for marking + engraving. FOBA marking lasers mark a variety of materials not least in the key markets of Electronics, Automotive, Plastics, Safety and ID. FOBA laser engraving machines are esp. applied in the fields of Tool/ Mold Making, Medical Technology, Jewelry and Coinage. In Sept. 2009, FOBA has become part of ALLTEC GmbH. Since then FOBA is part of ALLTEC as a sales channel for laser part marking + engraving.

Address An der Trave 27-31, 23923 Selmsdorf, Germany
Business Type Manufacturer
Management Ondrej Kruk , Sebastian Bloesch, Patric Lamprecht
Export Markets Worldwide
Year Founded 1985
Number of Employees 240
Phone +49 388 2355-0

News - FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving ALLTEC GmbH

Next step in vision-based laser marking presented at the LASYS

FOBA is showcasing the latest innovation in automated mark alignment without product fixtures, a fiber laser for day-night-design and 100 Watt high-speed laser marking

Fast and flexible: FOBA's new CO2-laser markers

High speed, highly variable material suitability, and flexible marking options are features of FOBAs new 10-Watt and 30-Watt laser marking systems C.0102 and C.0302.

FOBA Introduces a 100-Watt Fiber Laser

High Laser Power for Robust Part Marking

Variable scan head tuning, configurable beam turn unit and various interfaces permit integration into nearly any existing production line

New Laser for Paint Removal - Highest Precision with 50 Percent Shorter Process Time

FOBA introduces a marking system specifically designed for demanding Day-Night-Applications

Long term resistance of UDI laser marking proved for the first time by durability test on surgical instruments

Coordinated process of marking and passivation guarantees long time legibility, according to UDI regulations for traceability

FOBA showcasing at the Fakuma - Laser marking on plastics

UV- and fiber lasers mark sensitive plastics or day-night-design components

FOBA at the MD&M East and the LASER World of Photonics

Latest developments in vision-based workflow for efficient laser marking will be showcased

At Medtec Europe FOBA will present its patented Autofocus for the first time in Europe - UDI keeps dominating the business

UDI remains a big topic among medical device manufacturers in Europe. Since November 2016, the US-American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is enforcing its UDI-rules and could also check European companies for compliance. The plans for a similar European system - the MDR (Medical Device Regulation) - are

FOBA presents new auto focus feature for even more efficient laser marking solutions at MD&M West

Over the past two months, the FDA has begun enforcing its UDI ruling. Every medical device manufacturer who is not yet marking his products UDI-compliant, has to act now, if he doesn't want to be put out of business for misbranded products. FOBA can show you how to conform to all standards and regulations and also demonstrates how machine-integrated vision systems combine high accuracy with cost

Save twice: Struggling with scrap, production efficiency and process control?

Envision breakthrough productivity! FOBA offers huge savings on and with vision systems!

FOBA presents Laser Marking Machines for UDI compliant marking of medical devices at the Medtec Europe

FOBA at Medtec: April 12 – 14, 2016 Messe Stuttgart, Booth 7D13

The UDI rule for medical devices is a big topic among manufacturers. The deadline for the third phase of the US-American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated UDI system ends this year. It affects all producers of reusable class

A new generation of Yb fiber lasers for marking plastics, metals and many other materials

Precise, flexible and easy to integrate

With its Y-Series, FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving, a leader in industrial laser marking and engraving solutions, is introducing the next generation of high-precision

Increased recalls in the automotive industry: How vision-based laser marking ensures uncompromising traceability

2014 was a record year of recalls in the automotive industry which cost the carmakers dear: almost 64 million vehicles have been recalled for safety problems solely in the USA, and more than 1.9 million vehicles in Germany. This trend is observable in many other countries as well, and did not stop in 2015. A current example: In August 2015, a luxury carmaker recalled almost 20,000 cars in

Innovative laser technology overcomes challenges in marking of plastic

Plastic and plastic parts are used in nearly every industry. For traceability and quality assurance reasons or because of protection against plagiarism, plastic parts have to be readable and permanently marked. As the marking is usually a process at the end of the product line, it requires

FOBA presents UDI compliant and cost-efficient solutions for marking medical devices

Nearly all medical devices need to be marked UDI compliant, while increasing pressure to cut costs is forcing manufacturers to improve their production efficiency. The laser marking process HELP, developed by FOBA, enables medical device manufacturers to mark devices UDI compliant, more

A strong partner for direct part marking

The new FOBA C.0101 and C.0301 are powerful CO2 laser markers for direct part marking. They replace the current Alltec LC100 and LC300 models, build on their predecessors' field-proven

FOBA M2000-R and M3000-R

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving completes its M-Series of compact workstations for industrial laser material processing: With the M2000-R and M3000-R stations, FOBA introduces two

FOBA showcases visionary and innovative laser marking solutions at IMTS

FOBA, international market and technology leader in the product identification and direct part marking market, presents leading developments for laser marking at IMTS. From September 08th through 13th, FOBA will showcase: innovative and high-precision system, machine and vision solutions

FOBA presents innovative marking solutions for medical devices at MEDTEC

FOBA, international market and technology leader of systems and integrated solutions for laser marking and engraving, presents its latest developments for the identification of medical devices at MEDTEC Europe. Recent laser-based solutions meet the identification needs of the industry

New generation of powerful, precise laser marking workstations

With its compact workstations in the M-Series, M2000-B/P and M3000-B/P, FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving presents a new generation of flexible laser marking machines for the precise, quick

New UV laser marker

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving introduces a new UV laser marker, FOBA V.0020-uv, for the high-contrast laser marking of various plastics and highly sensitive products and materials. FOBA‘s ultraviolet marking laser V.0020-uv achieves high-contrast marks on various plastics and highly

New laser marking workstation FOBA M1000

The compact manual laser workstation FOBA M1000 has been designed for the high-quality laser marking of small to medium sized parts, work pieces and batches. The easily accessible work

FOBA DP30FGS: New Fiber Laser Marker

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving introduces new fiber laser marking system for the reliable, fast and flexible grayscale marking on ID cards and security related documents. The

FOBA MarkUSTM. New Intuitive Software for Laser Marking

With MarkUSTM, FOBA introduces an intuitive graphic design and high performance laser control software for the creation of high quality and highly precise laser markings. MarkUSTM is compatible with the majority of FOBA’s

FOBA IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning)

Utilizing FOBA’s patented through-the-lens vision system for mark alignment with laser marking and laser engraving has greatly benefited manufacturers in the aerospace,